Why Wirecast is the Best Software for Both PC and Mac Users

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Wirecast is a robust video switching software capable of producing professional, live broadcasts on the web. Wirecast is both affordable and easy to use. It is the only software available for Mac and PC, giving customers versatility in the operating system they are comfortable with or use during their daily workflows. In the broadcast world, not being locked to one platform is key. Every workflow is different and having support for both operating systems gives you the flexibility you need.

In this changing world, some may argue that PC is more dominant, and the Mac is an afterthought for daily computing needs. I like the flexibility of using Wirecast on a Mac because of Apple Script. Apple Script gives a user the ability to create automation features for software. Wirecast is no different. Sometimes my workflow calls for the ability to control Wirecast when I’m not even in my studio. If I’m remote and need to trigger a shot on location back in my studio, I can set Apple Script up to trigger shots in Wirecast via email.

On Windows, the flexibility is in building your machine, and access to more hardware instead of proprietary hardware and software. For example, Apple uses specific graphics cards in their products and you don’t have a lot of choices on the graphics cards. For those who aren’t technically savvy, this is fine but for those that tinker and understand hardware, this is a limitation or even a drawback. Having the flexibility to customize and build a PC enables customers who may be more familiar with PC hardware and software to customize a system to their budget, specs, and liking.

Sometimes there is a need to mix operating systems in a single production or between studios. Having the flexibility on both platforms using tools like NDI, webstream plugin, and IP cameras keep customers happy that they are not locked to one platform or the other.

No matter what operating system you choose, Wirecast works with a host of third-party applications and hardware to give you the production value you’re looking for. It’s all about having choices – from capture cards, internal audio routing solutions, PTZ cameras, USB webcams, and much, much more. Having the ability to take a studio and connect it to another studio using Wirecast clear across town, on a completely different operating system, using technologies like the webstream plugin to a server, is the versatility broadcast professionals want and need! We know you will like Wirecast no matter what platform you choose to run it on. Head over to our website www.telestream.net and download a trial today!

To learn more about Telestream desktop products, click here.

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