Wirecast 6 Feature Preview Roundup!

FeaturesWirecast 6 is Coming Soon!

Over last month or so, we have been leaking a few features of the upcoming Wirecast 6.  In case you didn’t catch them all, here is a quick round up of what we have shown, and a bit more info! Hope you enjoy!


1. Replay Button

We started off with a quick .gif of a new set of buttons on the home screen of Wirecast.  What were they? Replay controls.  When Wirecast 6 is released, the pro version will come equipped with a replay feature allowing for on the fly slo-mo or realtime replay.  Sports, news, loops….so many possibilities!


2. Playlist Grouping and Replay Icons

This teaser highlighted some new icons that might appear on shots in Wirecast 6.  On the left we have the traditional Wirecast shot with no extra features.  In the middle shot a new circular arrow icon is shown in the top left.  This will indicate a “Replay” shot created with the new replay feature, while the third shot, and its new icon, will signify a playlist shot!


3. Drag and Drop for Playlists

What is a playlist?  Well, a playlist is probably the best thing ever. We are still coming up with cool ways to take advantage of it!  At its core, the new playlist feature will allow users to create playlists out of all types of media, set durations and actions, and essentially simplify and automate the process of a live broadcast.  We will get more in depth about playlists in the future, but this sneak peak was meant to show how easy it is to create a playlist. Just drag and drop your files together!


4. Twitter Social Integration

One of the best things about Wirecast is the real time interaction it facilitates between you and your viewers.  We have stepped it up a notch with an integrated Twitter feed and custom lower third! Just link your Twitter through Wirecast, customize your settings and let your audience become a part of your show!


5. New Audio Interface on Preview Window

While this may not be as flashy as a new playlist feature or a Twitter integration, the new audio interface for the preview window is sure to be one of the best new additions to Wirecast 6.  No more worrying that your audio levels are out of sync between shots! You can now monitor both the preview shots and live shots to help smooth out your scene changes.  Also, that balance is just so nice…


7. WirecastCam iOS Camera App

Last but not least…WirecastCam.  As you can see in this video, we have turned your iOS device into a wireless HD Camera that integrates perfectly with Wirecast. What else is there to say?


Wirecast 6 will operate in 64-bit mode, which improves memory usage and overall performance. This means better quality for your high-resolution broadcasts. Pretty cool, huh?


  1. So many GREAT features, and once again Telestream proves that they listen to their users. I’ll bet if I checked, many of these amazing upgrades can be found in the Wirecast forums as feature requests from broadcasters.

    I LOVE that Wirecast will be 64-bit. My server has 16 GB of RAM and that Wirecast will be able to utilize that is going to be nuts!

    The social integration is an incredible addition, removing the need of a secondary system with DP running just to pull in live feeds. LOVE that.

    Did somebody say “playlists”? Whaaaaaat?! We all know this has been a biggie in the forums for many years. CraigS will be thrilled that he can let this one go to rest. 🙂

    Way to go Telestream! Can’t wait to take ‘er for a test run!

    Robbie Ferguson, Host
    Category5 Technology TV

  2. Daniel Denham

    I am looking forward to 64 bit processing so that my 95% CPU usage while webcasting and recording drops to something more reasonable and my frame rate increases from as low as 15 back to a solid 30 fps. (MacBook Pro 2.8 to 3.3 turbo Mhz I7, 16 Gb RAM / USB 3.0 Input from Roland VR-50HD) AV mixer).

  3. Darren

    Hopefully someone has taken a look at the limited Scoreboard options. I would like to see this updated to provide a lot more different types of Scoreboards for other sports apart from just American football or soccer…..
    How about adding a countdown clock, or simply a timer?

    Or even better, a way to break up the Scoreboard, and also add extra elements to achieve better scoreboards.

    • Darren,

      We are integrating a high quality, highly customizable titling plugin from a company called NewBlueFX. It comes stock with a few animated scoreboards and titles, but also contains a full scoreboard creation suite. So far it is looking pretty awesome!

      It will be an additional price, so keep that in mind, but it will transform your scoreboards for sure!

  4. GregN

    Great new features ! Definitely looking forward to try these in a live production environment !
    Thanks for listening to your customers…

    Just one thing: is MIDI keyboard integration part of Wirecast 6 ? Or does it remain on the roadmap for a later release…

  5. Darin Fontz

    Would love to see a demo, especially on instant replay. I would also request that higher end audio mixers (Peavey) be able to connect using USB. Right now, I can only use an analog connection. Would love to have release before the end of the high school football season!

  6. Sheldon

    *chants* We want a demo! I really want to try out all these amazing features. Playlists are my favourite since I run a 24/7 stream that requires me to use Desktop Presenter and VLC.

  7. John Baughman

    OK, since no one else has asked it I will ask the big question. How much is the upgrade to version 6 going to cost?

    Also I would like to know if you will continue to support version 5 since it really provides everything I need. That is, everything except for Yosemite compatibility.

    • The pricing for upgrades is a bit complicated depending on which version you have at the moment, but this is what we are going to be charging:

      If you have Wirecast 3 or 4
      Studio > WC 6 Studio $199
      Studio > WC 6 Pro $699
      Pro > WC 6 Pro $399

      If you have Wirecast 5
      Studio > WC 6 Studio $149
      Studio > WC 6 Pro $649
      Pro > WC 6 Pro $295

      Hope this helps!

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