Where in the World is ScreenFlow?

For those who have ever wondered where Telestream headquarters, the makers of ScreenFlow, is located – we are in a small town in northern California called Nevada City. (Yes, it IS confusing that we’re called “Nevada City” but we aren’t in Nevada…)

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From Video Valley…

Tucked away in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, smack dab between Lake Tahoe and Sacramento, this was once the destination for many fortune seekers in the California ’49er Gold Rush. In more recent times, a new type of fortune seeker has taken over and this area – now known by some as “Video Valley” – is home to a dozen or more high-tech companies that focus on the broadcast/video industry.

Some of you may have heard of Grass Valley Group – one of the pioneers and market leaders in broadcast video equipment manufacturing. Other high-tech neighbors include AJA Video, NVision (recently bought by Miranda Technologies), Sierra Video Systems, Ensemble Design, and Editware, and many others.

… to winter wonderland

Being in the foothills, we get snow a few times a year, but this morning offered us a special glimpse of winter. Nearly a foot of snow fell and stuck to the trees like a winter wonderland for our enjoyment – and now your enjoyment.  Enjoy!

ts snow3

ts snow2

P.S. By the way, for anyone wanting to move to this little corner of paradise, we ARE hiring. Perhaps you’re a Mac Applications Developer looking for a new adventure?

In addition to ScreenFlow, Telestream also makes Flip4Mac WMV components, Wirecast webcasting software, Episode Encoder, FlipFactory video transcoding software, and Pipeline video capture device, among other products.


  1. Very interesting, I have often wondered where you guys were located. All sounds so cool – Video Valley – I would really like to visit at some stage.

    Telestream HQ looks particularly picturesque with the added snow – would love to work there.

    I’m actually considering a trip to the US next Summer – if that happens it would be great to meet up with some of you guys.

  2. Nevada City is an adorable little town. I went there many times when I lived in Berkeley. I even thought about moving there, if I knew it would have developed some kind of high tech industry I would have done it. Living in France now but missing my beloved Bay Area, I think I’ll be back when I finish this Masters, any use for a Decisional Information Systems modeler/planner/analyst? I heart Screenflow

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